Hermes Real Estate Among The Top Winners At Emmar Quarter 2 Awards

Recently Emmar Presented  Hermes Real Estate with one among the highest honors that an agency operating in Dubai real estate can hope to achieve – The Emmar Quarter Broker Award.  As of august 12 2022, Emmar has said to have made a half yearly revenue of 17.6 Billon AED  and has had a 66% Increase in its EBITDA.Hospitality revenue grew by 64% compared to H1 2021, reflecting the tourism sector robust postpandemic recovery; Hermes Sold  properties that contributed greatly to that increase in revenue.

Founded in 2016, In just a few years the agency has grown rapidly and now employees more than 30 employees of 20 different nationalities. 

Hermes Real Estate Wins The Emmar Quarter Awards :

In the last quarter Hermes  displayed a remarkable performance in terms of sales and marketing. The Company marked great sales in terms of volume. This feet hasnt gone unrecignized by developers such as emmar who atributed their quarterly developer award to the company. 

At a ceremony, held at Burj Khalifa , Hermes was presented with a  plaque  for its contributions to the Emmar .

This prestigious honor was received by the entire Hermes including its CEO Mr Yusuf El Kurdi. 

The award comes as a true testament of  the work doen by the Hermes team in the past 6 months. The company has grown leaps and bounds in a very small amount of time. It has successfully hired and increased its work force from single digits to a significant number of 35.

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