Why invest in Dubai?

Last Updated: 15th April 2022

Why Invest In Dubai?

A common question among foreign investors is “why invest in Dubai?”.

Dubai offers a range of financial incentives that make running a business or owning property or in general just investing in Dubai attractive.

Over the past 20 years, Dubai has built itself into a global hub, attracting investments and residents from all around the world, it contains the world’s tallest buildings, busiest airports, largest ports, and other equally captivating feats of engineering and design.

Here are a few reasons why invest in Dubai:

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1. Investors in Dubai pay no property / Income Tax:

Dubai is a tax haven, which means investors in Dubai benefit from not having to pay taxes on their income or properties. This is a good incentive for anyone wondering “why invest in Dubai”, there are no tax reporting obligations in Dubai at the moment.

This provision has caused a large number of expatriates to move and invest in Dubai. This allows residents of Dubai to keep their entire income to themselves, which in turn benefits the economy as it creates a population with immense spending power; that is another reason why to invest in Dubai. The tax policy also helps increase the economy’s productive capacity as it helps increase savings and investment in Dubai.

The tax laws in UAE aren’t only targeted at the rich, but at the entire population and it doesn’t rely on taxation to fund its public programs. Despite the low tax rates, UAE holds some of the world’s best infrastructure, public transport system, healthcare infrastructure, etc. Dubai, like many countries in the GCC, has a long history of subsidizing social programs with revenues from the hydrocarbon industry.

This is another reason for those contemplating “why invest in Dubai?” to invest in Dubai as they get the benefits of government-funded programs without the burden of paying taxes. 

2. Investors in Dubai real estate are entitled to an Instant Visa :

For any investors wondering “ why invest in Dubai ? ” there is another reason: Dubai offers a shortcut for investors in Dubai real estate to gain a residence visa, as those who own property in Dubai are allowed to stay within the country on an investor’s visa. This allows investors to circulate their wealth in the country thus helping Dubai’s economy. It also allows investors to set up their companies and benefit from the economy they are help building. It also helps keep talent and money within the country and attracts investors to Dubai with a lot of wealth.

This is crucial for a country transitioning out of a hydrocarbon-based economy into a tourism/tech-based economy. This gives enough incentive to any investor on the fence about the question “why invest in Dubai ?”. Another important area of interest for investors in Dubai is the legislation regarding golden visas. Any investor willing to invest over 2 million AED in Dubai will be receiving a golden visa. This will keep the investor from having to leave the country for 10 years, this allows the investors to plan for the long term and invest further in the country. 

3. Investors in Dubai Benefit From World Class Infrastructure:

Top Real Estate Agency In Dubai

 Another Reason for anyone who is unconvinced with Dubai’s standing as an investment-worthy city and still is pondering “why invest in Dubai? ”:

Dubai is a modern city with the world’s tallest skyscrapers, malls, and robust public transport infrastructure, it has state-of-the-art hospitals and the best schools and universities in the GCC. Dubai is in every way a modern city with modern amenities.

This has caused investors to flock to Dubai, the standard of living offered in the city is unmatched anywhere else. Infrastructure also adds to the speed of business conducted in the city, with sophisticated telecommunication systems, the highest internet speeds in the world, well-connected roads and waterways, the world’s biggest ports and airports, and great connectivity to other parts of the GCC, it becomes incredibly convenient to run a business in Dubai.

The emirate of Dubai also owns the world’s largest airline and it carries flights to most of the world’s major destinations regularly, all of which connect through the Dubai airport. The government of Dubai spends billions every year on infrastructure alone. This is another great reason for people who ponder “why invest in Dubai “ should invest in Dubai. 


Dubai has been on the list of the safest countries in the world for a good deal of time. This has caused a large influx in immigration into Dubai from areas experiencing relative political or economic uncertainty. Investors from regions like Russia and Ukraine have been flooding into Dubai since the start of the year and have successfully invested a good portion of their wealth into freehold properties in Dubai. 

The emirate of Dubai has been politically and economically stable since its founding. Even throughout events that shook the rest of the Arab world such as the Arab spring, the economic crisis, covid, etc. Dubai has held its ground in being a haven for all those looking to flee to a country with better safety. Dubai has a strong and abundantly staffed Police force, A powerful military, and among the lowest crime rates of anywhere in the world. It also has a history of friendship and trade with all its neighbors. Dubai shares its borders with countries that are culturally homogenous which raises very few opportunities for conflict. 

Dubai practices tolerance towards all faiths and religions, despite being a country that follows sharia rule. People from all faiths and religions are welcome to practice their religions and build places of worship.

This is the reason why those wondering “why invest in Dubai” should hold little reservation in investing in the emirate. 

5.A Shopping Heaven

Dubai has the world’s largest shopping malls and is indeed a world-class shopping destination. It houses outlets of all the world’s top brands and is synonymous with the word. Dubai serves a large percentage of the world’s shopping tourists. From its 7-star hotels to designer restaurants Dubai boasts a large variety of services for those looking to spend and indulge. Dubai was ranked as the most important international shopping destination in 2018 in a report by CBRE. The expo has added a considerable amount of new retail outlets to Dubai’s ever-expanding portfolio and the emirate is expected to add another 1.5 million sq ft of retail space in the coming years.

Despite the COVID lockdowns, Dubai has remained a strong shopping destination. In the year 2021, Dubai will has had 7 million visitors and over 755 hotels at its disposal with Dubai Mall being the 3rd most visited destination in the country. This is yet another point for why investors questioning “why to invest in Dubai” should seize the opportunity. Dubai also contains a range of souqs and traditional markets that have existed for a few centuries, visitors are encouraged to visit these souqs and experience Emirati culture firsthand. The juxtaposition of the old and new within the same city makes for a magical shopping experience. 

6.A Fast Growing Tourism Industry

Dubai isn’t as oil-rich as its neighboring emirates, for a few years now Dubai has been relying heavily on tourism . In 2016 travel and tourism contributed over 68 billion dollars to the UAE’s GDP. The travel and tourism sector supports over 317,000 jobs in Dubai which comes to about 5.4% of total employment. The total investment in the travel and tourism sector was 26.2 billion dollars which is expected to rise by 11 percent. This is great news for those pondering ‘why invest in Dubai ?” investors can invest in the travel and tourism sector in Dubai and make a near fortune in the process. There have been a plethora of restaurants and bars that have opened up in Dubai because investors from abroad choose to invest their wealth within the emirate. The investments in Dubai have always had high ROIs especially those in the tourism and hospitality sector. 

Another reason why investors invest in Dubai is that they leverage the booming tourism sector and establish businesses adjacent to it. An example of an excellent business strategy is holiday home investment in Dubai. Holiday homes are apartments owned by the investor in Dubai, which they lease out with the help of a real estate company; these investments bring back a significant income for the investor. 

7. Real Estate Opportuinities

Dubai boasts a plethora of real estate opportunities that can be owned by foreign investors:

Damac Lagoons- Portofino.

Despite its proximity to most major attractions that Dubai has to offer , Damac Lagoons still finds itself neatly hidden away from Dubai’s Bustle. Damac Lagoons is a premium Dubai based property developed by one of Dubai’s most reputed developers. Damac Lagoons Dubai  has an array of ameneities and advantages, it maintains a close proximity to schools, hospitals ,airports etc. 


Safa One


New green twin tower right next to Safa park. the towers offer a full view of the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis and Palm Jumeirah.


The adventure of new beginnings and the excitement of the unknown. The serenity of sunsets and glorious endless views. The sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing you’ve got it all.



So why invest in Dubai? Bebcause its an investment friendly city, with great infrastructure, Great schools, Shopping malls etc.Also the relative safety offered in the city is un-matched anywhere else.


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